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Let me tell you a bit about my story…

I am a professional artist, actress and art therapist.

My background is in performing arts, and I hold and MA

on Art and Drama and Movement Therapy. I have always been interested on art. I have worked in, and investigated, different mediums, styles and materials. The subjects, elements and methodologies I choose to work with, are part of my process; which gives me the freedom to interpret and transform what I want to transmit with my work.

I am interested in the relationship between theatre and art, how each discipline can be nurtured from each other and the space that allows this. Working creatively is in art as it is in theatre a constant exchange of stimulus that implies action and participation. My work does not exist alone. During this dialogue there exists a search for a new balance that can cross the boundaries of everyday life.

I was particularly inspired by the theatre of the Absurd and Surrealism, because of the importance of sensitivity, experimentation and emotion that characterised those movements. It has helped me as well to work from a different space, which promotes instinct and intuition. This physicality opens other possibilities entailing the work of art into an unframed reality.

Having trained as an actress, this made me aware of how important it is the use of the body during the creative process and how much, intentionally or not, it can be affected by it. It was then that I began questioning how I could use that as a medium for myself and to help others. My search started in the best place, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where I did my MA and training as a drama and movement therapist.

This indeed, is a brief story of my personal journey as an actress, an artist and an art lover. Always seeking to share my experiences through my artwork and offer others to do the same. To find a space to discover other aspects of yourself and freely express them without being judged.          





Use the above link to check my acting profile 

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