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Therapy Online 

Even tough I prefer personal contact, I developed my online services to reach people if they are not able to commute for any reason. I will always try to accommodate to facilitate those who need it the most.

I can set up a weekly mail, phone call, or work virtually with you.


I offer sessions through a private online platform for anyone interested on continuing with a virtual therapy service. 

We can work together to meet your needs, it would be ideal if you can find a private space where you have access to internet.

If you would like to know more about how I can help, send me an email and we continue from there. 

Please note that any online contact is being carried out in line with all current safeguarding regulations.

If you need help urgently please use any of the following links: 

Further advice and guidance is available below:

Children and Young adults, click here

NHS Advice, click here

NHS Every Mind Matter’s, click here

Mind, click here

The Samaritans, click here

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