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About Art, Drama and Movement Therapy

  • Dramatherapy is an art therapy, which is a form of psychotherapy. It uses the artistic and dramatic form to heal, express and process different emotions. It can help you change the relationship or perspective to the problems. 

  • Some of the drama techniques used are: art including clay, paint, stories, enactment, music, movement, voice, playing, role-play, object relation and other creative methods.

  • Dramatherapy is a non-confrontational therapy, it uses an indirect way of dealing with different issues. 

  • The main purpose of dramatherapy is to enable clients a safe space to explore their own feelings or experiences. 

  • The sessions are client-based orientated and are open for clients to do as much or as little as they want.

  • It is important to note that Dramatherapy is recognized and accredited by the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) as one of the Art Therapies in the UK. 

       You can find more information about Dramatherapy in the British Association of            Dramatherapists website, or email me to ask any particular questions you may                  have.

  • Adolescents and adults whom may find difficult to directly express themselves can use the dramatherapeutic space to experiment and explore those problems or issues through the creative work.

  • Sessions are flexible and can be organized in a form of a group or one-to one. Group-work is effective to explore relationships, group dynamics or to find support within the other members. Furthermore, various common cultural issues can be expressed and looked at in a group session.   

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