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Therapy work


Here you will find some information about my work as an art therapist.

I am a fully qualified Art Therapist, HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and BADTh (British Association of Dramatherapist) registered and practice within a holistic, integrative and client centred approach.

I decided to do an MA on drama and movement therapy because I realised how art helped me overcome difficulties and wanted to help people who are struggling in life find the tools to get better. I want to offer a confidential, contained and safe space for clients to explore their world and possible problems or issues they may encounter. 


Working creatively makes therapy non confrontational. Maybe you find it difficult to talk about certain issues or you are not aware why you feel in a particular way. Art therapy uses the artistic and dramatic form to heal, express and process different emotions in an indirect way. It can change the relationship or perspective to the problems. 



I have experience facilitating group and one-to-one sessions for children, adults and elderly in a variety of settings.

Lately I've been interested on working with people who are suffering from diabetes. Some years ago I was diagnosed with tipe 1 diabetes so I am aware of the ups and downs of this disease. The impact and struggles that involve dealing with diabetes affect a person's physical, mental and social health. I can help you work through different strategies to manage a mindful approach to diabetes. 

Another area I've been focused on is working with women. Empowering women, helping them overcome stress and cope with conflictive or traumatic issues. Including suffering during perinatal period or postpartum, have had premature babies or miscarriages. As well as those who are suffering from domestic violence or abuse.

Dramatherapy, as one of the Art Therapies, uses creativity, art, movement, play, music, stories and different drama techniques to indirectly explore and communicate feelings or personal experiences. It is about finding the tools you need to address, process, resolve, or make troubling issues more bearable. This can enable you to heal and express yourself.

I am based in Sutton, South London, where I have my own studio.

For more details about my Therapy practice follow the link

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