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Forms From Kandinsky

Harmony Unleashed: A Homage to Kandinsky

Welcome to the heart of my artistic expression, where colors dance in rhythm and shapes intertwine, echoing the profound influence of Wassily Kandinsky on my creative journey. As you explore this piece, I invite you to delve into the depths of my inspiration, rooted in Kandinsky's seminal work, "Concerning the Spiritual in Art."

Kandinsky's words found their way into my artistic soul at the tender age of 15 when my father gifted me his book, sensing perhaps before I did, that I was destined for the world of art. This gift marked the beginning of a lifelong connection to the profound wisdom encapsulated in the pages of "Concerning the Spiritual in Art." The idea of 'inner necessity' resonated deeply within me, becoming the guiding force steering my artistic endeavors.

Kandinsky's assertion that "There is no must in art because art is free" struck a chord with the budding artist within me. It ignited a flame of creativity that has burned ever since, propelling me to explore the boundless freedom that art offers. This painting before you is a testament to that liberation, a manifestation of the inner dialogue between the canvas and my soul.

During my pursuit of a Master's degree in art therapy, Kandinsky's teachings reemerged, breathing new life into my artistic perspective. The pleasure of rediscovering his words from the vantage point of a different phase of my life was akin to revisiting an old friend, one whose wisdom had matured alongside my own evolution.

In "Forms From Kandinsky" inspired by this great artist, I strive to capture the essence of spiritual expression through abstraction. The convergence of vibrant hues, the dynamic interplay of forms, and the seemingly choreographed chaos on the canvas mirror the profound impact Kandinsky's philosophy has had on my artistic identity.

As you absorb the energy emanating from this piece, let the echoes of Kandinsky's teachings resonate within you. May you find, as I have, the boundless joy that comes from embracing the freedom of creation and the spiritual journey that unfolds on the canvas.

Image: Original Painting on 330 gsm textured watercolour paper, watercolour, ink and graphite. Comes with wooden frame double mounted and Vue Museum non reflective UV protective glass.



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