To me Vincent screams freedom, movement and hope. I wanted to capture this with its colours and shapes. If I have to put it into words (which its quite difficult for me!) I'd say, I want your eyes to feel what you see, that is what I want you to receive.

I was inspired by so many things he wrote, but I think these words say it all, "... What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything..."


I currently have the original piece with me. I have also made a limited edition print (30) with a different background


The original work is made with mixed materials, watercolours, pen, ink, acrylic and pencils on 330gsm textured paper. It can come framed with the addition of handmade 3D shapes. Each shape is made manually and individually so it varies from one to another. You can order it just with the frame or the print alone. All of my work comes certified with an embossed stamp, numbered and signed. The print is made with high quality archival inks on 330gsm textured paper. 


There are as well different bespoke  products available on my Redbubble account, you can check the link at the top of my shop to see them all.


Oh Vincent!

Size No Framed
Framed & 3D Details
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