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The Ship of Fools is Back!

The Ship of Fools

Boost Your Creative Spirit!

Come and join me for an active and experiential workshop that will open up your senses

We are going to explore and discover different ways of expression and communication, using movement, art, music, play, voice and creativity. It is a flexible space open for you to bring any feelings or whatever you need, empty it and creatively transform it.

During the workshop, I’ll guide you on a journey into creative improvisation, through the body and movement to open up your senses and bring out your inner reality.

Following my experience as a drama and movement therapist I planed the session with a series of exercises where you will be encouraged to free your conceptual mind and create your own story exploring sensations, emotions and the unconscious world.

There are many ways in which we can cultivate our inner creativity and curiosity, this is a different approach to let your wild spirit adventure into an unknown territory.

The workshop will be followed up by an art reflection and time for Q & A

When?: Sunday 5th of May from 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Where?: 47-49 Tanner Street (The Ugly Duck)

Practical info: NO prior experience with any body-based practice is needed. It is open to anybody with any abilities. I especially designed the activities for those who are looking for other ways of improving the creative flush

Please wear loose or any comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.


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