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Dung Scarab

Updated: Dec 7, 2023


Step into the enchanting world of "Dung Scarab," where the canvas unfolds a story inspired by the ingenious scarab beetles. Imagine these tiny creatures, turning the seemingly ordinary dung into their life source. Now, let me take you on a journey through this painting, where metaphor meets canvas.

"Dung Scarab" is more than just an artwork; it's a visual symphony that beckons us to learn from nature's transformative prowess. As you gaze upon the canvas, envision the scarab's ability to turn what surrounds it—quite literally, the "crap" of life—into something that nourishes and sustains.

In the strokes and colors, there's a profound narrative about our own transformative capabilities. Life's challenges, much like the scarab's dung, can be repurposed into wellsprings of wisdom and strength. Each brushstroke tells a story of resilience and the inherent power we possess to transform adversity into opportunities for growth. Marvel at the vibrant hues and intricate details that make up this painting. It's an invitation to reflect on your own transformative journey. Just as the scarab gracefully navigates its environment, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, so too can we find beauty and nourishment in the midst of life's trials.

"Dung Scarab" is a manifesto, a visual poem, urging you to glean inspiration from these ancient symbols of transformation. Embrace the challenges, just as the scarab embraces its surroundings, and discover the alchemy that comes with turning the mundane into a source of vitality for your soul. So, take a moment to absorb the symbolism and let the painting speak to you. It's a reminder that, like the scarab, you have the power to create something beautiful from the seemingly mundane, transforming life's challenges into sources of nourishment and growth.

Within the enchanting world of these sculptures, adorned with symbolic dung scarabs, a profound narrative unfolds echoing the transformative themes introduced in the painting. The scarabs, drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the painting, become more than mere embellishments—they serve as messengers of resilience and the potential for positive metamorphosis in the face of life's challenges.

As you explore these sculptures, envision the scarabs as guardians of the themes that permeate the painting—resilience, growth, and the ability to illuminate one's path even in the aftermath of difficulties. Together, the paintings and sculptures form a cohesive visual symphony, inviting you to reflect on the transformative journey depicted and the inherent capacity we possess to turn life's challenges into sources of nourishment and fortune. May these scarabs be the guiding light, leading you through the narrative of growth and fortune encapsulated in this artistry.

Painting: Image: Original Painting on cotton canvas, watercolour, ink and acrylics. Comes with wooden frame double mounted and Vue Museum non reflective UV protective glass.

Sculptures: Stoneware clay and glazes, comes in a handmade glass dome.

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1 comentário

Lorenzin Maria Elena
Lorenzin Maria Elena
06 de dez. de 2023

Magnífica muestra de tu arte y una inspiración a sacar partido de las dificultades que nos presenta la vida. Gracias por compartir .

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