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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

A Mindful and Creative Approach to Self-Reflection

I am delighted to offer this special invitation to all of you. I am going to join Victoria Zimmer* for a wonderful live session of creative and inspirational work.

While you’re home, make sure you still get everything you need! We’re taking our session online, letting you explore your creative side without having to leave the house.

You will have the chance to create your own mandala while exploring elements of sacred geometry under the light of the 'almost' full moon.

  • During this session you will:

- Be guided through a series of creative exercises to reflect on your personal growth

- Make art as a way to express yourself.

- We will explore elements of Sacred Geometry in relation to the full moon cycle.

- Have the opportunity to understand more about yourself, your feelings and thoughts.

- Be able to safely explore your emotions and process them in a gentle yet powerful way.

- Have access to your visual and sensory memories through creative expression.

- Have the opportunity to create a mandala.



- Date and time: the Workshop will be live via Zoom or Instagram on the 30th of October at 7.30pm BST.

- This workshop will be accessible on Instagram to all members of Love Life club only.

- If you are interested in participating, you can subscribe to the club through this link where you can find all information.

- If you register to the club, you will have 30 days access to this session and many other helpful yoga and meditation techniques plus mindfulness tools.

- The cost for this is just £15 which will cover the whole month and you'll have unlimited access to all sessions live and recorded (you can unsubscribe at any time).

*Victoria is an internationally recognised Yoga teacher, mindfulness and meditation trainer. Her practice fundamentals are based on conscious mindful living, helping women connect and to balance physical and emotional energetic bodies.


WHAT you will need on the day for this live session:

- It is important to choose 4 objects before the session.

You will use these during the workshop. These don't necessary have to be physical objects, you can choose a photograph or something that represents them like a word. Take your time to be able to find the objects you feel more connected to.

  • The 4 objects you have to find are:

- Object 1: something you feel identified with.

- Object 2: something you found interesting on your way to somewhere (Notice where were you going to and where were you coming from).

- Object 3: something you need or you may want to achieve.

- Object 4: something you find helpful.

  • Other things you will need:

- Some white or plain coloured paper

- A round plate (Any type of plate smaller than your paper)

- A ruler (Only if you have one, not essential)

- Scissors.

- Any art materials you have around (pencils, pens, pastels, paint or collage materials)

- A comfortable blanket or shall.


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