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Medusa's Head

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

This artwork draws inspiration from the poignant narrative of Medusa, melding it with the profound influence of Caravaggio's painting of Medusa. This tale has lingered within me, resonating with themes of injustice, loneliness, womanhood, femininity, liberation, bravery, anger, rebirth, and empowerment. As a female artist, I wholeheartedly embrace the iconic image of Medusa. In my creative journey, I felt a compelling need to cleanse her blood, to metamorphose her sorrow into a powerful statement. 'Medusa’s Head' stands as an homage to both the enduring myth and Caravaggio's artistic legacy. In my rendition, I intentionally chose to leave the blood devoid of color. It remains an open canvas, inviting observers to either paint it in their own hues or let it exist in its raw, unadorned state. I perceive blood as a potent symbol of identity—a vital element intricately woven into our physical being. It encapsulates our personal history, serving as a tool that delineates our capacities, limitations, and innate tendencies throughout the journey of life. It embodies the duality of Air and Fire, embodying both the ethereal and the passionate aspects of existence.

Image: Original Painting on 330 gsm textured watercolour paper, watercolour, ink and graphite. Comes with wooden frame double mounted and Vue Museum non reflective UV protective glass.


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