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Today I’d like to THANK the NHS and key workers for all the hard work they are doing to keep us safe.


To celebrate this I’d like to give a little gift to three NHS or key workers you might know.


Probably you know an NHS or key worker and would like to thank him/her or them with a little surprise!

I will send one of this t-shirts to 3 different people.


To participate you have to:

* Write your chosen person's name in the comments like this: “thank you ..... for your work”

* They have to like this post and follow.

* Then I’ll do a raffle with all the participants and I’ll send three t-shirts completely free!

* When I have the winners I’ll post it here, you will then have to tell me their size 😁


If you live in another country (I’m in UK🇬🇧) you can participate as well and thank someone that works for the health sector in your country.


YOU HAVE UNTIL SUNDAY 17th of January 17.00 hrs (BST) to participate !!



I was inspired by this cactus flower as a symbol of resilience, endurance and inner strength. So much needed at this time.

This flower represents the ability to shine despite all the adversities and to feel worthy to shine despite all our complicated layers.

You can all produce beautiful things in the middle of an empty dessert. “Everything you need is inside you” (it’s printed on the t-shirt) )




This flower is part of a mural (one of the biggest in London!) you can actually see it up at the moment at RichMix London


Paint the Change and other artists worked together to stand up and honour the NHS and praise for all the marvellous effort they are doing. Each flower symbolises a different nationality. There are '200 nationalities and one NHS’, this is a way of embracing what makes us unique.

I’ve made a limited edition set of these t-shirts


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