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Unearthing Ancient Beauty: My Journey into Jomon Pottery

Hey everyone!

I'm thrilled to share more details about my upcoming art residency in Kyoto, where I'll be immersing myself in the world of traditional Jomon pottery. This unique opportunity will not only allow me to enhance my hand-building techniques but also delve deep into the fascinating world of ancient ceramic artistry.

Jomon pottery, dating back over 10,000 years, is renowned for its distinctive coil-built forms and intricate decorations. I'm particularly drawn to its mesmerizing decorating techniques, from the intricate cord markings to the elaborate impressions of natural motifs like plants and animals. I can't wait to learn these ancient techniques firsthand and incorporate them into my own artistic practice.

Throughout my residency, I'll be documenting every step of my journey, from my experiences in the studio to exploring the cultural heritage of Kyoto. You can follow along and stay updated on my progress through regular updates on my website and instagram.

Stay tuned for more insights, stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of this incredible adventure!


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