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Lucky Rabbit

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A Whimsical Journey of Symbolism

Behold "Lucky Rabbit” a charming clay sculpture that invites you on a journey through the enchanting world of symbolism. This delightful rabbit and all its amulets was hand built on recycled stoneware clay and painted with glazes. It carries upon its back a tapestry of meaningful elements, each weaving a tale that celebrates the spirit of the rabbit as a guiding force.

At the heart of Lucky Rabbit's narrative is the moon, a celestial companion symbolizing the cyclical dance of reproduction and fertility, to remind us the ability we all have to be creators.

As this whimsical creature bounds forward, it carries a pair of trainers, a witty nod to the essence of quick thinking and dynamic movement.

Nestled alongside, you'll find a heart, a tender homage to kindness and compassion.

The backpack adorning this Lucky Rabbit pays homage to the white rabbit's representation of hollowness, a space waiting to be filled with endless possibilities.

Embarking on literary adventures, Lucky Rabbit cradles a book of Alice in Wonderland, a whimsical touch that beckons us to embrace the magic of the unknown. This little explorer reminds us to welcome new experiences with the same wide-eyed wonder found in Lewis Carroll's timeless tale.

And, nestled amidst this eclectic collection, a necklace, adorned with a rose quartz that emerges as a beacon of love and connection, an eye and a mask, talismans to empower you to choose one's path and focus on each step with intention. The eye, a vigilant guide, offers clarity, while the mask, a symbol of identity, encourages deliberate choices along the journey.

Lucky Rabbit, with its cargo of symbolism, stands as a testament to the joyous interplay of elements that shape our lives.

This dance of the cosmic Lucky Rabbit, invites you to hop into a world of boundless opportunities, where every element whispers tales of possibility, kindness, and the infinite magic of adventure.

Stoneware clay, glazes and mixed media. It comes with a handmade wooden framed display box.


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