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Lucky Tortoise

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Can you find the different elements this Lucky Tortoise is carrying?

Meet "Lucky Tortoise," a whimsical yet profound ceramic creation that ventures beyond the ordinary, weaving a narrative of spirituality and symbolism. This handcrafted tortoise is more than just a charming addition to your space; it carries a deeper message inspired by the rich symbolism associated with the tortoise as a spiritual guide and a lucky amulet. Delve into the significance of each carefully chosen item the tortoise carries

In a world facing the consequences of human actions, Lucky Tortoise becomes a wise traveler, packing its bags to embark on a journey beyond Earth. The suitcases symbolize change, readiness, and the freedom to move whenever the call for a new cycle arises.

An abalone shell, delicately placed, brings emotional balance, connecting us to the water element. This connection opens the gateway to our unconscious mind, imagination, and intuition—a reminder of the need to nurture our spiritual selves. Nestled alongside are coins, not merely tokens of currency, but symbols of longevity, prosperity, and abundance. Far more than currency, these coins become metaphors for interior richness and abundance. They resonate with the spiritual wealth that

extends beyond material possessions, symbolizing prosperity in the broadest sense; abundance of wisdom, compassion, and the treasures found within the depths of one's soul. They are a reminder that true affluence lies in the richness of our inner selves, encouraging reflection on the intangible, invaluable aspects of our human experience.

These coins carry an innate connection to safety and protection, mirroring the tortoise's self-contained home—the shell. This shell acts as a spiritual protective aura, fostering an inner search. The eyes affixed to the tortoise grant it the ability to gaze within, symbolizing the wisdom that accompanies age and experience. Adding another layer to this profound narrative, Lucky Tortoise carries vinyl records of traditional blues, featuring the soulful sounds of Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington. These musical treasures invite reflection on the interconnectedness of art, culture, and the human spirit.

Further enhancing the depth of this spiritual journey is James Joyce's "Ulysses," nestled within the tortoise's cargo. This classic work explores the psychological journey of its characters and delves into what happens when we lose our connection with the symbolic mother figure. Joyce's narrative serves as a poignant reminder of the impact that severing this primal bond can have on our lives.

In addition, Lucky Tortoise proudly carries a book on Greek mythology, a foundational source for understanding and making sense of the world. This ancient tapestry of stories and archetypes provides a timeless framework for exploring the complexities of human existence and our relationship with the divine. The quadrant base structure provides a solid foundation, representing balance, stability, and grounding energy. Its connection to the muladara chakra roots us to the feminine energy of Mother Earth, offering a profound sense of awareness. "Lucky Tortoise" is not just a sculpture; it's an invitation to reflect on our relationship with the planet, our readiness for change, and the wisdom that comes with age. With a touch of humor and a whole lot of depth, this ceramic creation urges us to consider the spiritual journey we're on and the significance of the symbols we carry along the way.



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